The name Ginsu comes from the 1980s knife made famous by the TV commercials of it cutting through a can and then slicing a tomato.  I was born and raised in Hawaii and started messing with mixing equipment at the age of fourteen.  My career has never actually been in music, it’s just been a hobby for a very long time – and I suspect it will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  I went public on the Internet some time in 2007, and have been holding periodic broadcasts and distributing mix CDs since.


Weapon of Choice

I’ve had experience with a number of mixing platforms from vinyl and a Vestax 4 channel through modern digital platforms.  My current weapon of choice is a Numark NS7vIII with Serato DJ, for its portability, cost and simple maintenance.  It’s absolutely terrible. If I had a little more room, I’d probably expand to a Rane TTM or Pioneer DJM-S9 with TCVs and/or Denon digital decks. When I’m feeling especially motivated, I do some sequencing with Abelton and a Novation Launchpad drum machine.



I grew up idolizing Q-Bert and D-Styles, but I’m also heavily influenced by the more eclectic styles of DJ AM and DJ Spinbad as well as the more ‘hip-hop roots’ DJs like Dez and Rectangle.  I’m eclectic and do everything from alternative to mainstream pop, electronica, hip-hop, club, eighties, nineties, dub step and on occasion, all of the above – at the same time.  Music, to me, is no longer separated by genre lines.  It’s all music, and there are no limits to what can be achieved with some creativity and imagination.


The Music

I have never charged money for my music.  I have always made it available for free on the Internet, and on the rare occasions that I do accept payment it is only to cover my cost for printing and shipping media.  I currently have about three hundred legitimate copies of my mix CDs – many of which were shipped as box sets, at no charge.  But as my fan base as grown significantly, I can no longer ship box sets.

Being a DJ

This is something anyone can do.  But being an artist, is not.  You can be taught how to paint, and you can even be taught how to paint the Mona Lisa.  But you can’t be taught how to create it.  Some people, I think, are just born with a natural artistry.  I am a DJ – True story.  But more than that, an artist.  I don’t blow into a brass instrument, pluck any strings or tickle ivory keys.  I can’t compose a symphony, I don’t read music and I couldn’t draw or paint a picture to save my life.  My canvas is quite the same as any music artist – silence.  My brushes are all black vinyl and my paint doesn’t come in colors – it comes in beats per minute.  I share a common trait with music artists (most of them, anyway) – I know what sounds good.  And I know how to manipulate the tools I have, to create something that other people enjoy.


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  1. Jonathon W. says:

    Its always a blast to listen to what you create bro. Hope to see you again soon!

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